Since my first iMac, I was intrigued with what I could do with it. I recall my enthusiasm as I downloaded  QuarkXPress. The software
package itself weighed almost 10 lb. and the heavy instruction manuals measured 2” thick! QuarkXPress launched the hidden creativity
within me. I remember everything I discovered on iMovie and the innovations that it brought to my work.Though I still have that first iMac, several laptops later, I currently have the MacBook Pro Retina. 


In addition to my passion with Macs, I was also interested in photography. My first camera even took film — what a novelty! I was known as ‘Jon - the Cameraman’ because everywhere I went, I took pictures. When I switched to digital, I think my first Kodak was 1 megapixel! I later progressed to 16 megapixels with 26X zoom capability. I think my first inkling of having a business actually started when I captured a fireworks show. After I burned the DVD, I shared it with family and friends, and other people requested copies. But it wasn’t until years later I became aware that DVD traveled all the way to Poland to entertain a Polish family. Here is a link to that 2006 video. Soon, I was getting requests to video various events, e.g., weddings, graduations, Baptisms. Here is a link to one of many videos I did for a past employer's appreciation dinner. Also, I have advanced to Nikon’s DSLR camera.


After graduating from Waukesha County Technical College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Printing & Publishing, I found myself designing wedding invitations, graduations, announcements. Here is a link to an anniversary invitation I designed. Thus, I decided to return to WCTC to work on my Graphic Design Degree as well as certificates in Digital Photography and Digital Production/DTP. At the same time, I expanded Cline Design to include these additional services. Here is a link to a brochure I designed for Serenity Hospice Care.


In this day of surfing the web, Cline Design offers a variety of services in one stop. Recently, an elderly couple called to ask if I could transfer their LP records to CD. They were in the process of moving to assisted living and no longer had room for their stereo, but didn’t want to give up the music they had played the past 50 years. They were elated to learn I was able to do this. Whatever your need might be, please contact me, Here is a link to my Facebook & LinkedIn page. And I will do my best to fulfill your wishes. I look forward to hearing how I can help you. 


Thank you!


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